Technique & Presentations

Astrophotography Technique

A Tutorial for Beginning Astrophotography:  Astroimaging Tutorial1

Astroimaging Presentation for the JSC Astronomical Society 3/9/12:  Astroimaging Tutorial_JSCAS1_small

Flame Nebula Member’s Minute for the JSC Astronomical Society 1/10/14:  Members_Minute_NGC2024_FlameNebula

Astroimaging Presentation for the Fort Bend Astronomy Club 2/21/14:  Astroimaging Tutorial FBAC3

DSLR Astroimaging Tutorial for the Houston Astronomical Society 8/1/14:  DSLR Astroimaging Tutorial HAS

Astroimaging – From Easy to Less Than Easy for the Johnson Space Center 8/8/14: Astroimaging Tutorial EA5 shorter version2

Astroimaging – From Easy to Less Than Easy for the JSC Astronomical Society 1/9/15:  Astroimaging Tutorial EA5 even shorter version for JSCAS updated

IC443 and Sh2-249 Area Member’s Minute for the JSC Astronomical Society 3/10/17:  MembersMinute_IC443_Area


Newtonian Collimation

Collimation Method from Notes (last updated 4/27/07):  Collimation Method from Notes_042707



Eldorado Star Party 2017: Eldorado_DIY_Astronomy

Homemade 127mm Refractor: Members_Minute_127mm_Refractor

Okie Tex Star Party 2016: Okie_Tex_DIY_Astronomy


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